Livitrans Express Train Hanoi to DongHoi, Hue & Danang

The renovated New Livitrans Express sleepers are available for all tourist passengers with new cabin SE3/SE4 between Hanoi, Dong Hoi, Hue and Danang from Jan 1st 2017. Passengers will feel more comfortable with the 5-star luxury facilities standard we created for your dreamy journey to explore the best destination of Vietnam.

The Tourist cabins are suitable for business and leisure travelers. Each Tourist cabin is comprised of 4 berths. Passengers will be offered fruits, confectionery, drinks, and newspapers for free as well as toothbrushes, toothpaste, a comb, pairs of massage slippers and sound system. Each coach has a friendly and attentive staff that will provide support to passengers.

The train will feature sleeping carriage with 2 berths, 4 berths, a bar, toilets, LCD television sets on board, etc of aviation standards. Passengers will be also offered drinks, confectionery and newspapers for free. With friendly staff and high-class services.
New Livitrans Express Train will surely bring you a memorial trip.

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